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Electronic Recycling, 2013
NEW JERSEY RESIDENTS: The State of New Jersey has passed into law that no electronics can be disposed of in a landfill. All electronics (including but not limited to cell phones, computers, tv's, stereos)must be recycled. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to remove these items from your household. You may call 732-564-3110 for information on e-waste recycling. Thank you! PENNSYLVANIA RESIDENTS: The State of Pennsylvania has passed into law, effective January, 2013 The Covered Device Recycling Act that mandates that desktop and laptop computers, computer monitors,computer peripherals and tv's must be recycled. Should you have any of the above to dispose of, please contact your local municipality to make arrangements to recycle them. For more information regarding this act, visit www.depweb.state.pa.us Keyword Electronics Recycling. Thank you!

2015 Holidays, 2015
The following holidays in 2015 will be observed: Memorial Day-Monday May 25th Independence Day-Saturday July 4th Labor Day-Monday September 7th Thanksgiving-Thursday November 26th Christmas Day-Friday December 25th. Trash and recycling services will be delayed on holiday weeks. Thank you!

Spring Cleaning 2015, Spring
*THINK SPRING* Spring cleaning goes hand in hand with springtime. Please keep in mind: liquid paint cannot be placed in your trash. Please leave the lid off the paint until it hardens or add an absorbent material (speedy-dry, kitty litter, etc) to the paint to make it solidify. As a solid waste hauler, liquids are not permitted. Household hazardous wastes are also not permitted in your containers. Keep in mind-for those big projects, we do have temporary rolloff containers available!

NJ State Recycling Tax, 1/15/08
Dear Customer - Please be advised that on January 14, 2008 Governor Corzine signed into law the "Recycling Enhancement Act" imposing a $3.00 per ton Tax on all solid waste generated within the State of New Jersey. The new recycling tax is to be collected by disposal facilities and solid waste collectors; the Act also anticipates that the Tax will be passed through as a fee or surcharge on each solid waste generator's invoice. This Tax places a severe hardship on all solid waste collection Companies and effective immediately, RVD must start collecting this Tax from our entire NJ Customer Base. Since RVD is in the middle of a billing cycle AND because the Tax became effective January 14th, some of our customers will see a retroactive (January 14th) adjustment on their bills. We have identified this new Tax as a seperate "NJ Recycling Surcharge" line item on your invoice. Please be advised that the amount of the Recycling Surcharge on your invoice is an estimate of the amount necessary to cover the Tax to be paid to the State of New Jersey on waste collected by RVD. This additional line item on your bill is a direct result of the action taken by the State of New Jersey. RVD appreciates your patronage and understanding of this matter. The entire Recycling Enhancement Act can be viewed on the internet at the following address: http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2006/Bills/S1000/557_R3.PDF

Readington Township, New Jersey, January 1, 2014
Attention Readington Township Residents: Did you know that you have a few options available to you for your trash removal services? You can choose to purchase stickers ($1.00/sticker) from Shop-Rite, Kings, Bishops and Stop & Shop. One sticker per regular size trash bag. You may also choose to rent a cart from us for all your household trash. Please call our office for complete information of the options available. We would be happy to help you decide which option would be most cost-effective for your trash removal needs!

Stop Service -Cancellations, 3/4/08
Due to Security reasons, Any Stop Service or Cancellations must be made through our Customer Service office and not through this website. Please call our Customer Service Departments: New Jersey: 800-DIAL-RVD (800-342-5783) Pennsylvania: 610-432-7574